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Commercial properties across the country rely on Appro to provide a top-notch cleaning experience. Whether you manage a small office building or one of America’s landmark highrises, we’re prepared to take care of every square foot of your janitorial, floor maintenance or landscape and turf needs.

Featured Commercial Property Services

Janitorial Cleaning

Commercial Property Cleaning Services

A clean, comfortable, safe environment is what your building’s occupants want and deserve. Partner with Appro to attract more tenants, protect your investment and distinguish yourself from the competition. From landscaping to the front door glass and beyond, we deliver a full suite of services for commercial offices, suburban buildings, office parks and more.


Better Experiences

Appro provides consistent, quality services that enhance the experience of everyone visiting your facility.

Increased Profitability

Since 1984, we’ve been making cleaning efficient and affordable.

Industry Insight

No janitorial job is the same, but our experience across a range of industries means we meet your expectations better and faster.

Trained Professionals

We have more than 2,200 cleaning pros dedicated to providing a clean and comfortable experience for your employees and guests.

Sustainable Practices

Reduce your environmental impact with Appro. We’re leaders in sustainable cleaning practices that align with your values.

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