The Focus is on You

We invest the time and effort to learn more
about you, your business, and your goals
so that we can give you the proper attention
you deserve.
Higher Level of Excellence

We deliver unique and creative solutions that will
lead to tangible economic growth in your business,
practice or organization.
Safe Working Environment

We incorporate safety procedures throughout all your
facilities. We also send all of our staff and employees
to safety seminars to ensure a safe working environment.
Consistent Services

We stress consistency in our work to build a solid and stable
foundation to our services. With consistent service to you, we
commit to integrity, improvement, and build a lasting partnership
with you.
Environment Friendly

We incorporate green cleaning products and procedures in our
services to provide you with an environment friendly business.
One-Stop Solution

Appro strives to be your one-stop solution to all your
facilities needs. Let Appro serve you and enjoy a
convenient and hassle free solution to all your needs.

Welcome to Appro Management

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to introduce our service to your company. APPRO, INC. has developed a service-oriented janitorial program that is guaranteed to provide great service at a great price to our clients since 1984. We have been able to develop this program by listening to our clients and implementing their wishes and needs into a daily janitorial program.

Starting as one man sub-contracting from larger entities, Appro has been providing service since 1984. With a hard earned reputation of delivering quality and efficient service, Appro began spreading from a local one man operation into a national entity. Appro is located in 10 states and providing service to over 30 cities. Appro will continue to grow and expand. Grow with us and benefit from receiving quality service that will propel you towards stability and success.

  • Exceptional quality service
  • Safe working environment
  • Consistent cleaning practices
  • Commitment to integrity
  • Commitment to improvement
  • Continuous communication
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“Appro has proven themselves with their dependability. I can trust them with any responsibility and expect them to deliver.”

- Terry A., Properties Management CEO

“Appro is an outstanding partner, and thanks to them, an integral contributor to my success. They handle all my needs so that I can better focus my attention on other tasks.”

- Scott M., Facilities Coordinator

“Appro provides quality service that I need and expect. Appro is professional and offers reliable and consistent service.”

- Junior S., Construction Project Manager

“Appro has delivered time after time whenever called upon. I can always expect the highest customer satisfaction from them.”

- William R., Contract Administrator

“Not only do I use Appro for my janitorial needs, but I recommend Appro to all my partners and associates.”

- Chris C., Business Owner

“I’m amazed how Appro can accomplish such stunning results in such a short amount of time.”

- Jeff P, Corporate Vice President

“Appro is trustworthy and always does a great job.”

- Victor J., General Manager
  • Provide clients with exceptional level of quality service.
  • Ensure safe working environment in all client facilities.
  • Build a lasting partnership with our clients through continuous communication, consistent cleaning practices, and commitment to integrity and improvement.